Hi, I am Saurabh Jinturkar.

I am a software engineer. I am passionate about software design and coding. I like to learn and experiement in various technologies.
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San Jose State University Graduate Courses Project Work and Open Source Contributions


Designed and developed distributed file storage cluster using Netty and Protobuf. Implemented Raft Consensus Algorithm for leader election.

Apache Edgent

Extended functionality of HttpStreams connector. Fixed issues: EDGENT-96, EDGENT-97 and EDGENT-146

Analysis of SF street cleaning database

Analyzed data using Weka, R and Apache Spark to solve problems:

1. Cluster requests by geolocation using KNN Clustering
2. Find expected time of closure for the requests using KMeans

Distributed Graph Processing for Fog Computing and IoT

Developing a framework for in device graph processing using Raspberry Pi, Apache Spark (Streaming and Graphx) and Apache Avro.

University of Pune Undergraduate Project work and Hobby projects

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